News The end of Torchlight as an ARPG series?



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Mar 12, 2020
A note from Max Schaefer announces that the next update to the Torchlight 3 will be the final update for the game. While the third game in the series didn't exactly set the ARPG world alight, this announcement does signal what appears to be the end of an era for Torchlight. Without Schaefer driving the franchise, I doubt Perfect World will do much for it now.

The note reads:

This message is a bittersweet one. We are very excited about the Cursed Captain update, and everything it comes with. The Cursed Captain is an amazing new character class with awesome summoning skills, giant cannons salvaged from ships to blast enemies in the way, and a salty, ghostly personality to match. It’s really a lot of fun to play. We’ve also added a ton of new pets, including ferrets, two new types of dogs, stags, glittersprites, and more. There’s a new contract to play through, new wardrobes and fort props, and significant improvements to every character class. We’ve killed countless bugs, made several UI fixes and enhancements, and added lots of quality of life improvements. And very significantly, we’ve improved performance to a meaningful degree on every platform. In short, we feel like this puts Torchlight III in a good place.
But this is also a sad message because it marks the end of Echtra Games’ work on Torchlight III. As you may have heard in the news, we were acquired by Zynga back on March 2nd. As a result of this transition, we are moving on to new (and exciting) things, and we will be passing the baton back to our partners at Perfect World. We absolutely enjoyed our time with Torchlight III, and only hope for the best for the future of the franchise. We are grateful for the opportunity to have worked on it. But more than that, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to all of you who took this journey with us. We had ups and downs, but through it all, we learned so much, and a lot of that credit goes to all of you. Through thick and thin, you gave generously of your time, provided expert and valuable feedback, and made the trip enjoyable and worthwhile for all of us at Echtra. We hope you’ll keep tabs on us in the future, because we’re doing some incredibly exciting things that you’ll be very interested in. We look forward to seeing you on the other side, and will certainly keep tabs on Torchlight III. Thank you again for everything, we love you, we love Torchlight, and we will always cherish the memories!
Your Torchlight Captain,
Max Schaefer