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Mar 12, 2020
Omeda Studios' third-person MOBA Predecessor goes into Early Access on 1 December an extensive FAQ has been released detailing what to expect when EA launches next month.

What servers will there be for Early Access? Will additional servers be added at a later date?

Early Access will launch with servers in NA-West, NA-East, Europe, and Asia. We will keep a constant eye on our server population and will re-evaluate along the way to offer players a good balance between matchmaking queue times and server ping.

How long is Early Access expected to last?

Currently we do not have a fixed timeframe for Early Access but expect it to last between 6 to 12 months. Our goal with Early Access is to prepare for free-to-play, which means implementing features like onboarding, tutorial, and player progression alongside addressing player feedback.

Will Early Access have private/custom games to play with friends or make custom tournaments?

Unfortunately, custom games will not be available on day one of Early Access, but we consider it a high-priority feature and aim to have it implemented by the end of January.

When will player progression be added to Early Access?

We already have a lot of ideas and designs for player progression, but to make it meaningful it heavily depends on other features like the store, which will give us more reward options. We have plans for some early player progression at the start of Early Access and will expand on it over time. We will share more information on this soon.

What are the system requirements for Early Access?

For full system requirements (and to wishlist Predecessor), visit our Steam page here:
Performance is at the heart of our development and we will continue to improve and lower the hardware entry barrier for all of our players.

Will there be ultrawide monitor support?

At this time we do not officially support ultrawide monitors. You can play on an ultrawide monitor but we can’t promise you won’t run into issues, including known Field of View problems.

What accessibility options will there be during Early Access? (Colorblind settings etc)?

At the launch of Early Access, we will support key rebinding for keyboard, mouse and spell-casting options. Other accessibility options, including color blind settings, are in the pipeline and something we want to be constantly building upon over time.

Is there any difference between buying Predecessor on Epic vs. Steam?

There is no difference in content or price wise! The main difference between the two platforms is that Steam Bundles allow dynamic pricing, meaning it’s easy to upgrade, while Epic Game Store doesn’t currently have this feature.

Will Predecessor be available to play on GeForce Now?

Not at the start of Early Access. We may look into it in the future.

Will Predecessor be available to play on Steam Deck?

Not at the start of Early Access. We have a couple of people internally that can’t wait to take the game on the go but it’s not a priority for us right now.

Will Predecessor be available to play on Linux through Proton on Steam or natively?

Not at the start of Early Access. We may look into it in the future.

When will there be any form of a public API?

As gamers ourselves we understand the value of a public API and giving our community the opportunity to build their own tools. While we will not have it ready for the Early Access launch, it’s something we hope to make available soon.

Will the API be open enough to track ELO's?

Yes, we are aiming to have the players ELO visible via public API once released.

Are esports tournaments being considered for Predecessor?

Throughout Early Access we are focusing on delivering a number of features that support competitive and tournament play, such as custom games and spectator mode. Having known Paragon esport players on our team, we do have plans to explore official Predecessor Esports tournaments, but it is too early to commit to anything except the features needed to support it.

Will you host any showcase games with big streamers leading up to Early Access release?

While we won’t be hosting any showcase games just yet, we have been working with a select few content creators and streamers to allow them to capture footage and create gameplay videos before the launch of Early Access on December 1st. You can expect to see these videos popping up in your feeds next week!

How will cross-play impact competitive play?

If matchmaking works as intended, players should be matched based on their skill level, independent of their platform or input type. That said we will be monitoring the performance of keyboard and mouse players against those of gamepad players during the first few months of Early Access and re-evaluate if needed.

Will Predecessor have skill-based matchmaking?

A competitive environment is very important to us so yes, Early Access will have skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) from day one. Your hidden rating will be updating based on the number of games played, skill level of opponents and your win and loss streaks. We tested lots of versions of SBMM against the data collected during our last stress test and are happy with our current iteration. We will be closely monitoring the results during Early Access and will make quick adjustments to ensure it is moving in a good direction. Our current SBMM will also be used as a foundation for our future Ranked mode, and we are using Early Access to test and prepare this as much as possible. We will share more information about our Matchmaking system in a future Dev Blog.

Will the community have the chance to decide which 5 new Heroes will appear during Early Access?

Unfortunately, this is not something we can consider due to the nature of Hero development and the fact that the 5 new Heroes we plan to release are already in development. That said we do hope to let the community have a say in the order of some future returning Paragon Heroes, so keep an eye on our socials!

Is there any plan to revert Muriel's current face to her original robotic face?

No, currently not.

When is Wukong gonna grace us all with his presence?

Unfortunately Wukong will not be among the first 5 Heroes we release. He will come to Predecessor when the time is right.

Will all skins return, including character Mastery skins such as those with lava-like effects?

We plan to bring back all of the old Paragon skins, but we may also explore different recolours or variations. The Lava Mastery skins unfortunately were not released as part of the Paragon assets.

Will Mastery skins just be Golden? Or will they actually have unique elements based on the Hero?

This isn’t something that has been decided yet. We do plan to rework the Mastery system, including it’s reward system, but that’s a conversation for another day!

Is Huntress going go be among the first 5 Heroes to be released in the Early Access?

Yes! She will be joining the battlefield early next year, but you’ll have to wait a little longer for more information. For now though, know that the one she hunts will be arriving this year!

How will you determine which new Heroes are being released and when during development? Will you be rotating between roles or based on previous popularity?

When determining the release order we factor in a lot of elements, were filling out the roster in a healthy way and adding Heroes to each role over time are just two of them. It’s important that we also listen to our community to determine which Heroes are liked the most, as well as how complex their implementation might be.

Are we going to get new item icons? The current ones feel unfitting with Predecessor's artistic direction.

Yes, we are planning to update our item icons but currently, focus our resources elsewhere.

Will you revert to a card system and deck building?

Currently, we have no plans to revert to a card-based system.

What game modes are you considering for the future?

In the short term, we plan to add an AI mode so that players can play solo and co-op as well as supporting custom games. Ranked will definitely find its way into Predecessor and we are currently thinking about other competitive options which wouldn’t require us to permanently split the queues - but nothing has been confirmed yet. Long-term we can’t wait to explore other game modes like ARAM but this will have to wait a little longer.

Will there be different movement speed to every character or class?

Yes! Heroes have different movement speed values.

Will the order of players in the tab screen be consistent like in League of Legends or will we be able to adjust the order of the characters on it?

For now it is consistent, we plan to rework the scoreboard in the future, but currently, we do not plan to make it editable.

Will Early Access have skill casting options?

Yup! In Early Access we will support instant, quick and normal cast.

Will the game support voice chat?

This isn’t something that will be supported at the launch of Early Access, but it is something we might consider in the future.

The ‘all chat’ feature was noticeably absent from the stress test. Will it be coming back?

We cannot commit to anything at this time, but we do plan to re-evaluate this feature in the future and will share information when we make a final decision.

Will there be a tutorial in Early Access?

At the launch of Early Access there will not be a tutorial, but this is something we are working hard to add as soon as possible. While we have made some improvements to onboarding, you can generally expect this experience to be similar to the previous stress tests.

Will we be able to make item build paths before a match and make it Hero specific?

This will not be available during the start of Early Access, but it is something we want to explore in the future.

Will Mastery Crowns return?

That’s yet to be decided. We do plan to rework the Mastery system including its reward system, but we're not ready to share our plans for it just yet.

Beyond the announced bundles, how much will skins cost?

Though these numbers are subject to change, estimated in-game prices for skins are as follows:
Rare: 600-800 coins
Epic: 1300-1600 coins
Legendary: 2500-3000 coins

What is the refund policy for Early Access?

You can find all the information on refunds on Steam or the Epic Games Store.
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/steam_refunds/
Epic: https://www.epicgames.com/site/en-US/store-refund-policy

Are we able to earn in-game currency by playing the game?

This is not something that will be available at the launch of Early Access. This feature will be added later alongside the in-game store. We have plans to reward players for playing during Early Access, which we will be sharing very soon alongside a roadmap.

Will prices for bundles and in-game purchases be localized?

Yep! Our bundle prices will be regional through Steam and Epic Game Store, following their suggestion.

Will there be a way to purchase all future Heroes forever?

We currently have no plans to add a purchase all future Heroes option. All Heroes will be purchasable with in-game currency or coins and we may offer bundles in the future.

Past the first 25 we are receiving through the bundle, are additional Heroes going to be accessed through progression or in-game currency?

Future Heroes will be purchasable via in-game currency earned by playing the game. In the future a small selection will be unlocked through progression as part of onboarding.

As a console player, can I purchase an Early Access bundle on steam and transfer to console upon release?

This isn’t something we are able to confirm at this time, so for now you should play with the assumption that bundles bought on one platform cannot be transferred to another. We will support cross-play and plan to support cross-platform progression. We will be unlikely to support cross-platform wallet functionality, meaning coins might not transfer across accounts as this is a mountainous task to achieve (but we are still discussing it with the console platforms).

If I purchase a bundle, am I able to upgrade or downgrade to a different bundle in the future?

Steam Bundles allow upgrading with dynamic pricing which means should you decide to upgrade you’ll only pay the difference. Unfortunately, this feature currently doesn’t exist on Epic Game Store. Downgrading is generally not supported on both platforms.

What can the coins in the Early Access bundles be spent on?

At the start of Early Access there will be nothing available to spend these coins on. This will change however once the shop is added and Hero skins can be purchased. Additionally once the 26th Hero is added they will also be able to be bought for coins in addition to in-game currency, with every other future Hero working in the same way. We also have plans to add other types of purchasable cosmetics over time, like emotes.

How rare are the skins that are included in the Early Access bundles?

These skins aren’t just rare, they’re exclusive! That means the skins included in the Early Access bundles will never be available again, though the original skin and some alternative recolours may be added in the distant future.

Do any bundles include additional game codes for friends?

Unfortunately, this wasn’t possible for Early Access due to platform policies.

Will there be official asset packs or game keys for content creators?

Currently official asset packs and game keys are an exclusive perk of our growing Content Creator Program. If you are a content creator who would like to be considered for this program, please reach out to us at [email protected]
. Don’t forget to include links to your channel/work so we can check you out!

Have you considered an ‘avoid player’ system?

This isn’t something we’re currently planning to implement, but it is something we will explore as part of ongoing work to improve our player reporting systems.

Will the Predecessor website be updated with the list of Heroes and their skills? As well as the item shop list?

Not immediately as we are currently very limited with what our website can support. That said we are working on a public API that will eventually allow the community to build all of these tools themselves.

Will you build character/world lore into Predecessor?

Yes! We want to give Predecessor a rich world befitting of the journey it took us to get to where we are. We plan to start small, building up more and more cohesive lore over time.

Can patch notes come with details and context as to why changes are being made?

Of course! Time and resources allowing, we have every intention of sharing the insights behind future changes wherever possible.

Will there be some sort of replay feature where you can re-watch played matches from other players' perspectives?

Not at the start of Early Access, but this is something that is actively being worked on! We will likely launch a spectator mode first with replays not far behind. We plan to share more information on this soon.

Will Role queues be available at the start of Early Access?

Not at the start of Early Access, but it is something we would like to add in the future.

Will the UI be customizable? Could certain elements be moved or toggled on/off?

At this time Predecessor only supports some limited customization for moving and hiding Health bars. We want to add more customization in the future as we will also need to adjust some elements for console but there is no fixed date yet.